Mini-ITX Gaming PC mkII


I finally decided to upgrade my old gaming PC. About time, it has been almost 6 years since I bought the core components (mainboard, CPU, RAM and GPU). In this article, I will discuss the decision making process based on my requirements and present the result.

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Corsair SF450 PSU


As suggested by the naming, the Corsair SF450 is an SFX power supply with a power rating of 450 Watts. It is fully compatible to the ATX 2.x standards and the latest Skylake CPUs from Intel. Everyone who is used to full-size ATX PSUs will be surprised how small an SFX power supply actually is. One of the nicest features of the SF450 is its fully modular design, meaning all cables can be detatched. This simplifies installation in small computer cases and enables to install only the required amount of cables.

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Cherry Strait Exclusive Corded Keyboard


This is a brief review of the Cherry Strait Exclusive corded keyboard. It is a premium limited edition of the standard version with a real wood veneer cover. There are 3 versions: Makkassar (Ebony), Walnut and Vavona.
With a steep MSRP of 199€, I couldn’t believe it when I found this stylish keyboard for as little as 35€ on Amazon, brand new of course. I simply couldn’t resist and gave it a try.

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