Packing Checklist for Multi-Day Hiking

For my last multi-day hikes, I put together a packing list. Maybe it is of use for some of you.

Gear / Utilities (approx. weight in brackets):

  • 30-50l backpack with raincover (1500g)
  • emergency blanket/sleeping bag (100g)
  • pocket knife or multitool (200g)
  • head lamp with spare batteries (100g)
  • photo equipment: camera, lenses, filters, tripod, strap, SD card, spare battery (300 – 1500g)
  • quick-drying travel towel (100g)
  • sleeping bag liner (300g)
  • cord to hang clothes to dry or fix things (10g)
  • headphones (25g)
  • earplugs (5g)
  • water bottle / Thermos or water bladder (100g)
  • sunglasses (40g)
  • compass (20g)
  • cellphone + GPS or smartphone (150g)
  • ID, money (50g)
  • detailed map of the area (20g)
  • hardcopies of emergency phone numbers and all trip information (20g)
  • extra plastic bags to protect items from humidity or store wet items/dirty clothes (20g)
  • [optional] trekking poles (500g)
  • [optional] AC adaptors or battery pack to recharge batteries of cellphone / camera (50 – 250g)
  • [optional] book/reading material (300g)

Clothing items:

  • hiking boots (1500g)
  • waterproof jacket & pants (1000g)
  • midlayer: softshell jacket or fleece (500g)
  • light longsleeved shirt, light color (200g)
  • 3x T-shirts, light colors (450g)
  • 3x unterwear (200g)
  • 3x hiking socks (200g)
  • trekking pants long (300g)
  • trekking pants short (200g)
  • wide-brimmed hat (100g)
  • [optional] beanie (100g)
  • [optional] thermal underwear (200g)
  • [optional] bathing suit (200g)
  • [optional] light windstopper (150g)
  • [optional] belt (150g)
  • [optional] scarf (30g)
  • [optional] gloves to protect against abrasion, cold and sun (50g)
  • [optional] sandals or flipflops (150g)

First aid, hygiene and meds:

  • bandages, iodine (100g)
  • blistering plasters, scissors, tweezers (30g)
  • drugs: painkillers, immodium and personal meds (100g)
  • toothbrush and paste (100g)
  • hand sanitizer (100g)
  • wipes, handkerchiefs and/or toilet paper (100g)
  • body lotion, ointment and/or lip balm (100g)
  • body wash (50g)
  • sunblocker (50g)
  • [optional] insect repellent (50g)
  • [optional] antiperspirant (50g)
  • [optional] water purification pills (10g)
  • [optional] magnesium (20g)


  • snacks (500g)
  • water (1500g)

Total weight without the optional items: ~11kg

If you plan to spend the night in a tent, you will also need:

  • waterproof tent with suitable pegs (2000g)
  • sleeping bag (1000g)
  • sleeping pad, e.g. a Therm-A-Rest (800g)
  • additonal food and water (1000g)
  • [optional] repair kit for tent (50g)
  • [optional] travel pillow (100g)
  • [optional] cooking utilities: stove, gas, metal container, spork, lighter (500g)

Additional weight: ~4.8kg

So if you are trekking with a tent, be prepaired to carry approx. 16kg around. Of course this is just an estimate and varies depending on the selected items.


  • try to minimize the weight: particularly in alpine environments above 2500m asl, every gram counts
  • spend a little more money on lighter, more durable quality items that will last longer and help to make your trip more enjoyable
  • if you are camping outside: make sure the comfort temperature of the sleeping bag at least matches the lows at night
  • note that for mountaineering above ~3000m, additional equipment might be required (rope, harness, helmet, iceaxe, crampons, etc.)


As always, no guarantees for completeness 😉 Please let me know in case something is missing or wrong.

One thought on “Packing Checklist for Multi-Day Hiking”

  1. actually, there is something missing…
    a) a guide to the next bar or restaurant
    b) a sixpack of outstanding beer

    nice list btw

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