DALI Rubicon 6

This is a first impression review of the DALI Rubicon 6, a passiv floorstanding HiFi speaker.

The Rubicon series consists of 5 speakers, 3 of which are floorstanding models. All speakers in the Rubicon series are available in black high gloss, white high gloss, walnut and rosso.

In case you were wondering: DALI stands for Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries.

Let’s start with some specs of the Rubicon 6:

  • Frequency Range (+/-3 dB): 38 – 34000 Hz
  • Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m): 88.5 dB
  • Maximum SPL: 110 dB
  • Crossover frequencies: 800 / 2,600 / 14,000 Hz
  • Crossover principle: 2½ + ½-way
  • Super high frequency driver: 17 x 45 mm
  • High frequency driver: 29 mm soft textile dome
  • Low frequency driver: 2x 6.5″ wood fibre cone
  • Enclosure type: bass reflex
  • Dimensions: 99 x 20 x 38 cm
  • Weight: 20.2 kg
  • Country of origin: Denmark
  • MSRP: 3700€ / pair

More details about the Rubicon series: DALI brochure

Included in the box are a spike set (spikes and rubber feet), a micro fibre cloth and a user manual.

spike set
spikes and rubber feet
mounted rubber feet


Build and appearance

I have to admit, these are really good looking speakers. A simple yet very clean and modern design. Due to the relatively compact size, the Rubicon 6 doesn’t look overly massive or obtrusive and integrates nicely into the living room.

The rounded shape of the cabinet not only improves the aesthetics, but also helps to eliminate standing waves.


Materials and build quality are up to the highest standards. The cabinet is constructed from 6 layers of MDF and feels extremely sturdy.

Also the bi-wiring terminal makes a very good impression.

gold-plated terminal

There are two 6.5” woofers, each with its own bass reflex port on the back. DALI uses low-loss drivers which are made of wood fibre reinforced paper. The wood fibres give the unique look to the DALI drivers.

wood fibre reinforced driver

To reduce distortion, an advanced Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) material is used for the magnets.

image source: dali-speakers.com

A hybrid tweeter is used as high frequency driver (that’s where the ½ + ½-way in the specs is coming from).

hybrid tweeter
soft dome tweeter



Disclaimer: As always, there is no absolute measure for audio quality, it is all subjective. Therefore, the following only represents my opinion.

I will spare you from a prosa in flowery words, instead I just try to briefly summarize my impressions of the audio quality.

I have listened to several DALI speakers in the past and was never disappointed. This Rubicon 6 is no exception.
Having owned other floorstanding speakers of other brands but similar size, I was actually surprised by the bass. Even though it is not a very large speaker, it can go really deep and deliver a punchy bass, just the way I like it! That said, placing these speakers requires a bit of patience to find the right spot. If you place them too close to a wall or corner, the bass can get loud and boomy, but that is simply due to bad room acoustics, there’s nothing wrong with the speaker itself.
The midrange is outstanding, it is one of the strengths of DALI speakers. The high frequencies are also very clean and clear and even at higher volumes they don’t get edgy.

Thanks to the high sensitivity of almost 89dB, these speakers will work well with most amplifiers.
In terms of volume, these speakers have plenty of power for an average sized living room (~35m²). If you have a much larger space or want to push the speakers to their limit, then I would recommend to have a closer look at the bigger sibling, the Rubicon 8. The 6 and 8 are very similar in every aspect, but the 8 has more output, especially in the lower frequencies. However, that’s not something you will notice under normal listening conditions.

So is the Rubicon 6 worth its asking price? Well, that very much depends on what you are looking for. To me the answer is yes, but the average user would probably be totally fine with the much cheaper Zensor or Opticon series. Yes, the sound is more detailed, the bass deeper, the higher frequencies cleaner. As always, the differences in audio quality in the upper price range are generally very subtle, meaning spending 10x as much doesn’t get you a speaker that sounds 10x better. On the other hand, you certainly do get a product of much higher quality and – in the case of the Rubicon – that is built in Denmark. Cheaper speakers such as the Zensor series are made in China.


Rubicon 6 with the grille on




  • clean, modern design
  • excellent build quality
  • solid gold-plated bi-wiring terminals
  • hi-end audio quality with outstanding clarity and bass
  • high sensitivity, does not require a powerful amp


  • grille fixed with bolts (instead of magnets)
  • expensive

The Rubicon 6 excells in every aspect! The only real downside is the price.

Rating:  9.5/10    highly recommended!

Value:  5/10    (reviewed at 2500€)

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