Dali Zensor 1 Speaker


DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) loudspeakers are very popular, especially because of their pleasing sound and great value. The Zensor series are passive speakers targeted at the entry level. Nevertheless, these speakers are excellent performers, especially when considering their size. The Zensor 1 features a 13.3cm woofer and a 25mm soft textile dome tweeter (2-way system, ported). The max. power rating is 100W and the sensitivity is 86.5dB. Dimensions: 16 x 27 x 22 cm, 4.2kg

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Canton Vento 858.2 Speaker


The Vento series of loudspreakers from Canton are arguably one of the best looking speakers out there, and they sound amazing, too. If you already own a pair of Vento speakers, then the center speaker 858.2 is the perfect addition for an upgrade to a multi-channel setup. The massive 2.5-way center speaker features two 18cm (7-inch) aluminum drivers and a 25mm ceramic tweeter. It’s designed to endure up to 120W of continuous power. The sensitivity is rated at 87dB. As all speakers of the Vento series, this one is available in three different colors: cherry wood veneer, black and white (all high gloss). The dimensions are: 60 x 20 x 36cm, 14.5kg

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Looking 10 years back, a ‘desktop’ computer was not really made to be place onto a desk. Of course there have been many attempts to make a desktop computer smaller, but none of them pushed it as far in terms of size as Intel did with its NUC series. It’s a truly stunning piece of engineering: A full-featured deskop computer in a box that will fit into the pocket of your jacket (11.5 x 11.5 x 3.5cm).

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Klipsch R-115 SW Subwoofer

The Klipsch R-115 SW is an active high-performance subwoofer. Its specs are convincing: 15 inch driver, 400W of RMS power (800W peak), 122dB max. acoustic output and a -3dB point at profound 17Hz!


What already sounds impressive on paper turns out to be indeed mind-blowing. This beast will knock your socks off, there’s no other way to put this. Pardon my enthusiasm. Admittedly, I have only listened to sub 1000$ subs so far, but none of them even came close. This subwoofer definitely sets a new reference in terms of performance at its price point. The only thing you need to be concerned about is placement. The cabinet is very large and is everything but unobtrusive in a living room. So this is probably not the right choice for small rooms (< 20m2) or if you’re looking for something that blends in easily.

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Synology DS214se NAS

The Synology DS214se is an entry-level network attached storage (NAS).


I bought this NAS as a backup station and media server, and for this purpose it is great! It is certainly not one of the fastest devices out there, but has a very affordable price tag and comes with Synology’s renowned and awarded disk station manager software (DSM). In my optinion, Synology’s offering is superior to any other NAS manufacturer in terms of features, usability and stability. It is very easy to use and almost everyone should be capable to set up his or her NAS effortlessly in minutes. Besides, Synology releases software regularly (even for old devices!) to fix security vulnerabilities and improve stability. It’s a brand you can trust and don’t need to be afraid of data loss due to faulty software. Big thumbs up for this!

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Canton Vento 820.2 Speaker

This is a quick review of the Canton Vento 820.2 loudspeakers.


It’s a compact, passiv 2-way bass reflex speaker with a 16cm aluminum woofer and a 25mm ceramic tweeter. The power rating is 60W and the sensitivity is 85 dB. Dimensions: 19.5 x 30 x 28cm, 6kg

I have owned these speakers for about three years now and must say, they are worth every penny. Not only do they sound great, they are also an eye catcher in every living room. Absolutely stunning speakers!

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