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How to backup your data, properly

I guess most people know that it is important to regularly backup important data. However, only few do it and even fewer do it properly. Fact is: No storage medium is safe, it is only a question of time before it fails. So what is the best way to store data? What is the most reliable backup medium? Harddisc, SSD, DVD or something else?

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WD RED harddisk fails after 5k hours

I am using six 3TB Western Digital RED harddisks in my Synology NAS servers, which are mainly used for file storage and media streaming. The RED series was specifically designed for NAS servers and are rated for 24/7 operation. With a MTBF (mean time between failures) of 1 million hours, one would assume those drives should be fairly reliable. Now, after 4 years and only 5000 hours of operation, one of the disks died.

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Synology DS214se NAS

The Synology DS214se is an entry-level network attached storage (NAS).


I bought this NAS as a backup station and media server, and for this purpose it is great! It is certainly not one of the fastest devices out there, but has a very affordable price tag and comes with Synology’s renowned and awarded disk station manager software (DSM). In my optinion, Synology’s offering is superior to any other NAS manufacturer in terms of features, usability and stability. It is very easy to use and almost everyone should be capable to set up his or her NAS effortlessly in minutes. Besides, Synology releases software regularly (even for old devices!) to fix security vulnerabilities and improve stability. It’s a brand you can trust and don’t need to be afraid of data loss due to faulty software. Big thumbs up for this!

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