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Mini-ITX Gaming PC mkII


I finally decided to upgrade my old gaming PC. About time, it has been almost 6 years since I bought the core components (mainboard, CPU, RAM and GPU). In this article, I will discuss the decision making process based on my requirements and present the result.

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Jonsbo UMX1 Plus Computer Case


Jonsbo – a division of Cooltek – has a very good reputation when it comes to high quality computer chasis. The UMX1 Plus is one of those fine computer cases: It can accomodate a mini-ITX mainboard, a full-sized ATX power supply, graphics cards up to 27cm in length and even bulky CPU coolers up to 13cm height! Despite this flexibility, it is one of the smallest computer cases on the market, measuring just 35 x 16 x 30 cm! It is available in black and silver, with or without a window side panel.

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Logitech K810 Keyboard


The Logitech K810 is a wireless, back-illuminated keyboard. You can use it with any bluetooth-enabled device. It even allows you to pair up to 3 devices and switch between them with just one keypress. Besides the excellent ergonomics, it looks fantastic and is easy to use in a dark environment due to the back-illumination. The keyboard automatically turns off the backlight when the keyboard is not in use. A proximity sensor magically reactivates the backlight when you approach the keyboard with your hand. To further save energy, the back-illumination can be dimmed or even turned off.

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Looking 10 years back, a ‘desktop’ computer was not really made to be place onto a desk. Of course there have been many attempts to make a desktop computer smaller, but none of them pushed it as far in terms of size as Intel did with its NUC series. It’s a truly stunning piece of engineering: A full-featured deskop computer in a box that will fit into the pocket of your jacket (11.5 x 11.5 x 3.5cm).

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Jonsbo U2 Computer Case

This is a quick review of the Cooltek Jonsbo U2 computer case. It’s designed for mini-ITX mainboards.


Despite the fact that it can accomodate a full-size ATX power supply and a dual-slot graphics card (up to 22cm), it’s one of the smallest cases out there. But what impresses me most is its build quality. In one word: Impeccable. No other case that I’ve ever seen comes close to this one. I’ve owned a couple of Lian Li cases in the past, they were very decent and also had a solid build, but they can’t compete with Jonsbo.

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