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Sony 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 OSS GM

The Sony 100-400mm GM is a super telephoto lens for full frame E-mount cameras and currently the longest native zoom lens available for this system. GM is short for G Master, Sony’s premium lens line. So is it just an expensive piece of glass or a masterpiece? Let’s find out if Sony is able to match the expectations.

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The 35mm curse on Sony E-mount

The first full frame E-mount camera was introduced in 2014 and Sony and Zeiss have been releasing new lenses ever since. Also other manufacturers have started to create lenses for the E-mount system. The lens lineup has reached a pretty good stage, but some obvious gaps still exist. First of all, there is currently only one true telephoto lens (the 100-400mm GM), and secondly, there is no 35mm F2 with autofocus. What? Seriously?!

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Sony A7RIII Teardown by Lens Rentals

source: lensrentals.com

Lens Rentals has taken the Sony A7r3 apart and analyzed the weather sealing.  The photos provided give some really interesting insights into the highly complex interior of the camera. The conclusion of Lens Rentals turns out positive for the Sony: “Except for the bottom this camera has thorough and extensive weather sealing, as good as any camera I’ve seen.”