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Nubert NuPro A200 Speakers


The Nubert NuPro A200 are active bookshelf speakers (stereo) and can therefore be connected to a TV or computer directly without any additional amplifier. Each of the two speakers has its own integrated amplifier and digital signal processor. The speakers can either be connected via analog line-in, optical Toslink or digital SPDIF. Besides, there’s also a USB-DAC, which allows to connect the speakers to a computer via USB. This is particularly useful if the soundcard on your computer/laptop isn’t that good.

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Denon PMA-50 Stereo Amplifier


I have been using a cheap (20€) amplifier board for some time now and somehow felt that the audio quality was lacking.
So I once again looked around what the market has to offer in this department. Precisely, I was looking for a HiFi stereo amplifier to drive my passive 6-ohm speakers (Dali Zensor 1) in my bedroom. Due to space limitations, one of the main requirements for the amp was size: I wanted something small, not a typical huge brick of an amplifier (let’s say no more than 30cm width).

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Marantz Melody Stream M-CR510 Receiver


The Marantz Melody Stream is a network audio receiver packed with features: WiFi, Internet radio, DLNA Audio-Streaming, lossless and gapless playback, Airplay, Spotify, vTuner, USB, digital and analog inputs and outputs as well as a stereo amplifier (2x 60W) to connect a pair of passive speakers. All in a nice and small package: 29 x 8 x 30cm, 2.7kg

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